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Barbara Nati (1980) | Italy

Visual artist Barbara Nati focuses on the dangers of environmental degradation. Using digital montage techniques, Nati creates dystopian visions of the future. These premonitions deliver social and ethical messages about the environment we are living in today.

Fatemeh Mofarahi (1964) | Iran

Mofarahi was born in Shiraz, Iran. She is president of the association of visual arts of technical and vocational education organizations. Experience of over 20 years of lecturing and instructing students from various ages, while attending more than 30 individual and group exhibitions.

Grace Dorothee Tong (1992) | Cameroon

Cameroonian artists who lives and works in Douala. She participated in advanced workshops and eventually enrolled at the Institute of Fine Arts of Douala in Nkongsamba in plastic art and history of art. Her work is accentuated on the canvas through bodily notions and the transmission of lived experience.

Hanna Dosenko (1997) | Ukraine

Hanna is a Ukrainian-born photographer, writer, and performer, exploring how people choose their narrative identities, and how they construct meaning about their life and the world. As an artist, she is motivated by the ideals of social justice and resilience, searching for an honest visual expression of one's pain and one's power to make a change.

Janet Adebayo (1997) | Nigeria

Born in Nigeria and attended the Federal Polytechnic Ilaro Ogun State Nigeria receiving a Higher National Diploma in Food Technology 2018 and a Diploma in art from Double R Gallery, a division of Rahman Rasak Company. Her artwork takes a critical view of human problems. Her paintings can be recognized by a camouflage pattern.

Julia Gyenes Boroka (1994) | Hungary

Her colorful watercolor drawings are small stories in themselves with intricate scenes, the narrative tends to unfold on its own, rooted in a strong wave of emotion. The subjects have a primitive, naive air like a grotesc fairy tales world.

Maia Nanobashvili (1982) | Georgia

She studied at the Academy of art in Tbilisi in the direction of fine art and fashion design, and later stage design and fine art. She has been working for several plays as a stage designer, which had a great influence on her painting. It became more dramatic, mysterious, symbolic. Her works have been represented in several solo and group shows in Georgia, USA, Germany, several times in Italy and France.

Marta Memishishi (1995) | Georgia

Living in Tsbili, Marta works mostly with oil on canvas, her paintings are expressive and minimalist.

Mirjam Boomert (1965) | The Netherlands

The Dutch photographer Mirjam Boomert is a self-taught artist-musician and often works from her Imagination Studio in the Vlaardingen port area. Textile, in its broadest form, reuse, photography and texts are the useful pillars for her works.

Natalia Buachidze (1967) | Georgia

In 1990, Nata graduated from Tbilisi State Academy of Arts (Graphic design department), Tbilisi, Georgia. Over the past twenty years, she established an art school in Tbilisi and had a long pause in her artistic life as she was mainly involved with the art studio. Since 2017, she started intensively working as an artist again.

Sabita Dangol (1984) | Nepal

Sabita Dangol, a visual artist based in Kathmandu, Nepal has earned an MFA degree in painting from the Central Department of Fine Arts, Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu in 2013. Het paintings have a variation in the motifs. Throughout her paintings, one can notice the motifs such as comb, hair, birds, flowers, and fish connected and united to make a meaningful painting.

Previous artists

Bouvy Enkobo (1985) | DR Congo

Bouvy Enkobo is part of the generation conflict between the Academy of Fine Arts in Kinshasa and “the new wave” and chooses to pursue his career alone. Today, his business card is rich with several exhibitions in the DRC and abroad.

Cristiano Mangovo (1982) | Angola

Cristiano Mangovo, visual artist, has completed the Academy of Fine Arts in Kinshasa (DR Congo) with additional training in urban scenography and performance. In his paintings and collages, Mangovo has developed various styles and symbols over the years, but always with a surrealistic twist.

Mumpasi Meso (1984) | Angola / Brazil

Mumpasi Meso is son of the Angolan painter and mosaic artist Za Meso Mumpasi. Mumpasi is a master in orchestrating colors and forms using different techniques and has his own signature in it.

Our criteria for choosing high-quality artists

Artists in contemporary visual arts (o.a. drawing, painting, collage, print, photography, sculpture, multimedia, installation & performances)
Certified fine arts education at a generally acknowledged institute
Practice in non-Western country of origin/residence for at least 5 years
National and regional recognition through solo and group exhibitions and/or international artist-in-residence experience and/or other forms of recognition
Prepared to engage in a mutual longer term commitment

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