Our artists

Thó Simões

Visual artist | Angola / Brazil Thó Simões Born in 1973 « I like to observe and expose urban life around me in Africa, particularly

Lawrence Kwakye

Visual Artist| Ghana / The Netherlands Lawrence Kwakye Born in 1972 « I like to create portals where people are able to connect and transition

Kingsley Ogwara

Painter and sculptor | Nigeria / Luxembourg Kingsley Ogwara Born in 1975 « In my work I like to transfer positive energy by intuitively orchestrating

Bouvy Enkobo

Painter | DR Congo Bouvy Enkobo Born in 1985 « My art and the enjoyment of creating are my daily bread » Bouvey Enkbo is

Fenneke Hordijk

Visual artist | The Netherlands Fenneke Hordijk Born in 1955 « Time and matter, the concealed and the wrinkled, these layers can be found in

Cristiano Mangovo

Painter | Angola / Portugal Cristiano Mangovo Born in 1982 Share this article: Share on facebook Share on google Share on twitter Share on linkedin

Jeffrey Burger

Visual artist | The Netherlands Jeffrey Burger Born in 1971 « My art and the enjoyment of creating are my daily bread » Jeffrey Burger

Mumpasi Meso

Painter| Angalo / Brazil Mumpasi Meso Born in 1984 «My work always seeks new ways to explore human nature, emotions, experiences, feelings, insights in a

Frans de Winter

Sculptor | The Netherlands Frans de Winter Born in 1977 « My art and the enjoyment of creating are my daily bread » Frans de

Are you an artist?

Our criteria for choosing high-quality artists

Artists in contemporary visual arts (o.a. drawing, painting, collage, print, photography, sculpture, multimedia, installation & performances)
Certified fine arts education at a generally acknowledged institute
Practice in non-Western country of origin/residence for at least 5 years
National and regional recognition through solo and group exhibitions and/or international artist-in-residence experience and/or other forms of recognition
Prepared to engage in a mutual longer term commitment

“Everything you can imagine is real”

 Pablo Picasso