Our artists

Previous artists

Cristiano Mangovo (1982) | Angola

Cristiano Mangovo, visual artist, has completed the Academy of Fine Arts in Kinshasa (DR Congo) with additional training in urban scenography and performance. In his paintings and collages, Mangovo has developed various styles and symbols over the years, but always with a surrealistic twist.

Mumpasi Meso (1984) | Angola / Brazil

Mumpasi Meso is son of the Angolan painter and mosaic artist Za Meso Mumpasi. Mumpasi is a master in orchestrating colors and forms using different techniques and has his own signature in it.

Our criteria for choosing high-quality artists

Artists in contemporary visual arts (o.a. drawing, painting, collage, print, photography, sculpture, multimedia, installation & performances)
Certified fine arts education at a generally acknowledged institute
Practice in non-Western country of origin/residence for at least 5 years
National and regional recognition through solo and group exhibitions and/or international artist-in-residence experience and/or other forms of recognition
Prepared to engage in a mutual longer term commitment