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Group exhibition “Ties” and IDDF Round Town

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Exploring Bonds: 'Ties' Exhibition and Vibrant Cultural Performances at IDDF RoundTown

During the IDDF RoundTown weekend, OpenArtExchange will open the exhibition “Ties” on group identity on Saturday, May 27 at 2:30 PM, second in a series on Identity. With a snack and a drink you can enjoy the humorous dance duet “SELF-HELP: How to make babies, have a career and eat organic” by Margarida Constantino and Rodrigo Ribeiro. And of course a varied exhibition with paintings, drawings and mixed media collages and installations by Anna Nunes (Netherlands/Portugal), Féraul Fosso (Cameroon) and Nancy Hoogstad (Netherlands) or from a conversation with one of the artists present On Sunday at 3:30 pm there is live African music by Senegalese Fulani Omar Ka & Friends Don’t miss it!

During the IDDF weekend, we will not open until Saturday 27/5 at 2:30-6:00 PM, with extra opening on Sunday 12:00-6:00 PM and Monday 12:00-6:00 PM. After that, “Ties” can still be seen during the regular opening hours until September 2.

About “Ties”

The exhibition “Ties” is about group identity. Humans are social creatures by nature, for whom belonging is a basic necessity of life. Whether it be family or friends or a wider cultural, political or spiritual group, we are usually connected to multiple social groups. That is not optional. “Ties” are the social “glue” that holds a group together: Deep-seated ties with often unwritten norms and values that determine who belongs and who does not and what is expected of the group. This often results in recognition, connection and security, but sometimes also friction with the individuality of the members, because everything and everyone is in motion and part of a larger whole. In “Ties” Anna Nunes, Féraul Fosso and Nancy Hoogstad give their vision on group identity.

From left to right: Anna Nunes, Nancy Hoogstad and Féraul Fosso.

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"Exploring Bonds: 'Ties' Exhibition and Vibrant Cultural Performances at IDDF RoundTown" "Exploring Bonds: 'Ties' Exhibition and Vibrant Cultural Performances at IDDF RoundTown"

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About “SELF-HELP: how to make babies, have a career and eat organic”

“SELF-HELP: how to make babies, have a career and eat organic” is a modern dance duet by choreographer Margarida Constantino in the form of a self-help book, caught in the limitations of a movement performance. It tells us the story of the ridiculous expectations of coming-of-age through radically satirical observations. SELF-HELP reshapes the nature of performance and its conventions by stepping in and out of the fourth wall. The punchline: a critique of self-mockery. SELF-HELP demystifies the topics of immigration, unemployment and gender-based social structures by sharing personal anecdotes from aspiring nomadic artists and gender nonconforming feminists. The humorous, confrontational SELF-HELP is the bestseller of the year.

Dance: Margarida Constantino and Rodrigo Ribeiro

Feature One

Dance: Margarida Constantino and Rodrigo Ribeiro

About Omar Ka & Friends

Omar Ka was born in the northern part of Senegal, an area where the nomadic way of life was still alive. Periods of drought forced many of the Fulani to leave the region for the capital Dakar. Omar started singing and dancing at a young age, and in 1991 he founded the Fula Band. In 1995 he visited the Netherlands where he met many musicians who played different styles of music. From 1996 he settled permanently in Rotterdam and recorded a first CD with two musical friends, Hanyo van Oosterom and Willem Cramer, entitled H.O.W. (which stands for the initials of the three musicians involved, Hanyo, Omar and Willem). On this album, the three musicians searched for a symbiosis of ambient music and African roots. The latest album “Kawral” is exhausted and contains a nice mix of Fulani folk, Dakar beats, Afro reggae and desert blues.