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Feraul Fosso’s colourful acrylics are inspired by African cinema, everyday life, the way of life of those around him (cultural, political, religious, etc.) and his personal experiences.

“I want to tell stories lived, heard with my painting, I want to archive my society in all aspects of everyday life”


Kingsley Ogwara (1975) studied his bachelors in Fine and Applied Arts at Delta State University in Abrake, Nigeria and resides and works from Luxembourg, where he is a well recognised painter and sculptor. His paintings and sculptures in clay, stone, wood or metal consist of organic concave and convex forms, mostly (semi-)abstract and are inspired by African or European images and symbols.They center about human transformation and connection, about the freedom and harmony that can be  found in the masses. As such they rather express a state of mind than an extensive narrative.

Ogwara: “In our globalized world with its many issues, we each struggle individually to live our lives in a meaningful way. When we grow up, we build up our defenses, often based on fear and distrust, resulting from the inevitable hardships that life brings sometimes. However, life also brings unexpected compassion and new windows, and each hardship brings new insights, makes us reflect and grow. We all need to mature, overcome fear and distrust and open up our defenses to connect to each other, dare to be vulnerable to give and receive love. My works are about this transformation and interconnectedness”

His paintwork with knives in oil and acrylic on canvas are characterized by pointilistic abstract orchestrations of colors and rich textures, which seem to take on the form of masses of people. Ogwara typically  hides his initial images behind these thick pointilistic pastiche layers, which creates a lot of depth and suggestion. In his latest Icon-series, he experiments with adding some figurative element by allowing the initial portraits to shine through. 

 Ogwara has participated in many group- and solo exhibitions, amongst others in Luxemburg, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany and Austria. He was awarded amongst others the prestigious bi-annual Prix Pierre Werner for his paintings as best artist in Luxembourg in 2016. At the Luxembourg Art Week 2019, he was nominated again with his sculptures for the Grand-Duc Adolphe award and in 2022 again for the Prix Pierre Werner, which granted him the titular membership of CAL as the first African member in its history. Most recently, he showed for 6 months at the blockbuster exhibition “Gospel” at the historical Catharijne Convent museum in Utrecht (Netherlands). His paintings are included in collections all over the world.

Feraul Fosso (1996) was born in Bamendou (west Cameroon). The artist graduated from the Mbalmayo Artistic Training Institute (IFA), and also studied at the Viking Kangamyam workshop, T William.

He began his career as an artist by paying homage to some great classical European masters, before taking an interest in his own personal journey. Today he defines himself as a chronicler of his people, he wants to tell stories lived and heard with his paintings and wants to archive society in all aspects of everyday life. Through his paintings thus reconnecting with different collective and community heritages around him.


He is an avid admirer of Gustave Courbet, painters of the Harlem Renaissance, David Hockney, Kerry James Marshall, T William, Gerard Fromager, Bernard Rancilac and Henrie Cueco.

His works start from the photographic staging of friends, neighbors and family members in a snapshot type of way.






Internship at T William Studio.


Internship at Viking Kangamyam Studio


Visual Arts Advanced Level at Artistic Training Institute (IFA) Of Mbalmayo.

Group exhibitions


Ties, OpenArtExchange, Schiedam


VIP Opening ( Theme: I Bet ba bodol ni djobba yen ni todjam ) at Logmo Makon Gallery.


Group exhibition at Gicam With the Art & Craft Center Of Douala.


Group exhibition of Center Promotion Center (CPS) of Mbalmayo.


Group exhibition at Italian Embassy in Cameroon.



3rd Painting price at the National Abengte competition.


2nd Price of the best portrait of the Italian President during his visit to the artistic training institute at Mbalmayo (IFA) in March 2016.

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