Art Route Schiedam X IDDF 2023

After a successful first edition of IDDF – International Dutch Distillers Festival – the festival will take place for the second time this spring in and around the historic city center of Schiedam. With the festival, the organization wants to pay tribute to Schiedam, its industry and the rich history of the city. A city festival in the spirit theme.

During IDDF there will be openings, music and performances on multiple art locations on Art Route Schiedam. For more information on events, check the IDDF website.

Art Route Schiedam leads through the old city center of Schiedam with its monumental museum quarter, canals, windmills,  the old city park and ends at the experimental multidisciplinary art spaces SodaFabriek and Ultraum/Glasfabriek, crossing the Schie by  boat.

A varied and high-quality art program is on show at the 12 locations, with several exhibition openings and music performances at places in the route. Check out the specific program and special opening times per location.

Opening times:

In general: 11:00-19:00h

Museums: 11:00-17:00h

Discover Art Route Schiedam

Get to know the art scene in Schiedam by walking a route of approximately 5 km along the cultural highlights of Schiedam. Check the links to the respective websites of the locations below to find out more.

TIP! Combine the Art Route Schiedam with a visit to other sites such as museum windmill De Walvis, the Jenever museum or a cruise in the canals of Schiedam with the Whisper boat. 

Public transportation options

From the Rotterdam M4H area, where the Object Design fair and Haute Photographie fair are located, take tram 21 or 24 from Marconiplein, which will take you to bus stops Koemarkt or Broersvest in 6 minutes. Both trams are also directly connected to Rotterdam Central Station (10 minutes). From Koemarkt you can walk in a few minutes through the Hoogstraat to location no. 1.
Alternatively, take the metro to Parkweg station (7 minutes), from where you can start the route at location no. 4 in about 5 minutes.

From the Van Nelle factory, where the art fair Art Rotterdam is located, take bus 38 from stop Beukelsbrug towards NS station Schiedam-Centrum (shortest route 10 minutes). From the station you walk 10 minutes to location no. 4, or you can take bus 51, 54 or 126 and get off at the next stop Delflandseweg (1 minute) and walk 5 minutes to location 4.

From water taxi Rotterdam, get off at stop 93 Schiedam-West, after which you walk to location 11 in 10 minutes.

  1. OpenArtExchange // Hoogstraat 85
  2. Stedelijk Museum Schiedam // Hoogstraat 112
  3. Galerie 158 // Hoogstraat 158
  4. Art Centre Schiedam // Lange Nieuwstraat 191 
  5. Galerie DIRT Market // Lange Haven 106
  6. Jenevermuseum // Lange Haven 74-76
  7. Galerie Jabelle – Jacques Tange // Lange Haven 70
  8. Galerie Chimaera (CLOSED DURING IDDF ROUND TOWN) // Lange Haven 77
  9. Stichting Tone & Image // Lange Nieuwstraat 191 (Art Centre Schiedam)
  10. Stichting KunstWerkt // Lange Nieuwstraat 191 (Art Centre Schiedam)
  11. De SodaFabriek // Makkersstraat 3
  12. Stichting Ultraum/De GlasFabriek // Buitenhavenweg 142


1. OpenArtExchange

Hoogstraat 85 // OpenArtExchange is a young and fast growing, independent international art gallery, with a 600 m2 art space in the museum quarters of Schiedam.
Our art collection consists of paintings, drawings, collages, sculptures and occasionally installations and photography, predominantly from internationally acknowledged African artists from Angola, Congo, Nigeria and Benin, next to some seasoned local and European artists

During Rotterdam Art Week, join on Friday 10/2 from 5 pm onwards the opening of the colorful group exhibition #Faces about African cultural identity with paintings, collages, plywood works and ceramic sculptures. Meet & greet some of the artists or enjoy live music of the Ghanese trio Omar K and friends (Friday between 5-7 pm) or just enjoy the 500m2 of international contemporary art with a strong overweight in African art

2. Stedelijk Museum Schiedam

Hoogstraat 112 // The Stedelijk Museum Schiedam is a museum for modern and contemporary Dutch visual art, located in the recently completely renovated historic St Jacob's Gasthuis.

Come and see the new rooms, the staircase art or the exhibition Spiritual Urgency, about the indispensability of spirituality for art. Young, interdisciplinary artists embrace, celebrate and spread the value of spirituality in their own way. Spiritual Urgency shows on the basis of four themes why spirituality is indispensable in their artistic and personal development, as well as in navigating the complex world of today. Spiritual Urgency shows contemporary art from inside and outside the institutional art world, sometimes making a trip to famous artists from the past.

3. Galerie 158

Hoogstraat 185 //Galerie 158 is an initiative of photographer Margi Geerlinks. It is a test lab for exhibitions with everchanging subjects, in which the relationship between people and society is central, showing young and older artists from various disciplines.

4. Art Centre Schiedam

Lange Nieuwstraat 191 // Art Gallery Voûte opened its doors in 1994 in Rotterdam. Since 2001, the gallery has been located at de Grote Markt in the historic center of Schiedam, close to the Stedelijk Museum Schiedam and other museums. The gallery is run by Edwin and Annemarie Voûte and has recently relocated to its new art space "Art Studio Voute" at the Art Centre Schiedam in the former Post Office building at the Lange Nieuwstraat.

5. Galerie DIRT Market

Lange Haven 106 // DIRT stands for Dutch Institute of Royal Taste and was founded by Florine van Rees and Jeroen Dijkstra. Located in the historical centre of Schiedam, DIRT MARKET is housed in a canal home from a long gone era. You can feel the history of the location and building which harmoniously comes together with the colourful contemporary design items.

DIRT promotes the talent of young and upcoming designers. There is a lot of humour and colour in the selected items. For Art Route Schiedam/Rotterdam Art Week DIRT creates a special window show with kinetic art and design objects. The gallery can be visited on Saturday between 11;00-19;00h

6. Jenevermuseum

Lange Haven 74-76 // When you visit the Jenever Museum, you literally step into the world of the jenever industry. We tell you the history of jenever based on personal stories. You will also get to know a number of distillers with a rich family tradition and see how jenever influenced the graphic sector. Historical advertising materials and posters provide a good picture of the past decades.

True to tradition, we start our jenever season with the presentation of De Vriendenfles, the label of which was made by an artist invited for this purpose. During Art Route Schiedam/Rotterdam Art Week you can see our special presentation of our art bottle collection, in anticipation of the launch of the new bottle 2023 and exhibition by artist Aldo Hoeben on February 19.

7. Galerie Jabelle -Jacques Tange

Lange Haven 70 //
Galerie Jabelle from the well-known Schiedam artist Jacques Tange has been recently moved to the old historic Bible House, directly adjacent to the monumental Haven Church at the Lange Haven, Tange's work is inspired by life itself and its most important element: love. He pays tribute to the woman and believes that her strength can save the world.

During Art Route Schiedam/Rotterdam Art Week you can view amongst others the project No.1/No1 where Tange created one work with 480 portraits of rejected people, granting them their place in the sun again. The work will be auctioned in March with part of it its proceeds being donated to support neglected children. Apart from that you can enjoy a great selection of the latest works of Jacques Tange in various sizes.

8. Galerie Chimaera/ Atelier Frans Huisman

Lange Haven 77 // Huisman's work varies from drawings, paintings, image projections to sculptures. He likes to make technology an adventurous part of the creation process. During Rotterdam Art Week you are welcome to visit Galerie Chimaera to see the solo exhibition REFLECTIONS and meet and greet the artist.

REFLECTIONS shows Huisman's most recent works, reflecting his interest in nature, growth patterns, structure and handwriting. In the best tradition of 'Asemic Writing', a mysterious symbolic language evokes indefinable stories. Huisman's gossamer-thin drawings in ink resemble a visual report of a journey to faraway places.
He further shows his most recent experiments with ink and paint: a series of prints based on semi-transparent printing layers on aluminum and paintings with unusual types of paint and fillers and a series of pre-study sculptures for a sculpture to be created for the Schiedam city park De Plantage .

9. Tone & Image gallery

Lange Nieuwstraat 191 // The Tone & Image Gallery is located at the new Ärt Centre Schiedam in the former Post Office building. Tone & Imange Gallery is the national House of Music Photography which presents 10 to 12 music photo exhibitions every year net to the occasional side projects. Tone & Image further researches and discloses important music photo archives. Lectures, workshops, book presentations and Meet & Greets with photographers are organized around the exhibitions. .

In the context of the Art Route Schiedam/Rotterdam Art Week, Tone & Image is turning into a high-class contemporary art gallery featuring photography by Huang Yan and Liu Ren (China), collages by Joao Colagem (Brazil), paintings by Pang Yongjie (China) and layered prints by Olivier de Cayron (France). In addition to this trip in the High Street and the Back Alley, music photography by Terry O'Neill, among others.

10. Stichting KunstWerkt

Lange Nieuwstraat 191 // Since the 1990s, Stichting KunstWerkt has united a large group of artists from Schiedam and the surrounding area. Recenty relocated to Art Centre Schiedam at the old Post office building, the foundation organizes around ten exhibitions and related activities per year.

Since the 1990s, Stichting KunstWerkt has united a large group of artists from Schiedam and the surrounding area. Recenty relocated to Art Centre Schiedam at the old Post office building, the foundation organizes around ten exhibitions and related activities per year. During Art Route Schiedam / Rotterdam Art Week you are more than welcome to join on Sunday 12 February at 15:30h the opening of the group exhibition "Abstract, why?" by Jan M. de Grauw, artist/lecturer, former staff of the Stedelijk Museum Schiedam and former director of Art Centre Dordrecht.

11. SodaFabriek

Makkersstraat 3 // The SodaFabriek, initially an old historical dilapidated factory, is owned by a cooperative association which aims to redevelop the building and give it a socal function for Schiedam. It has grown into an experimental creative maker and art space, which, both in its physical and mental appearance, is shaped by its unique creative community with a raw, stubborn edge and a streak of anarchism, taking pride in doing things differently.

During Art Route Schiedam / Rotterdam Art Week the SodaFabriek opens its artist studios to visitors under the heading Salon de Schie, starting Friday with live jazz music from 14:30-16:30h. Art lovers can enjoy the works from the international "'Bookmark artist collective' once again, since the late 'No Taboo' exhibition. Watertaxi services are offered to get people to other locations in the art route, such as the Glas Fabriek or the Lange Haven. On Sunday the Salon is closed with an intimate music performance by singer-songwriter Emma Beukelman..

12. Stichting Ultraum/De Glasfabriek

Buitenhavenweg 142 // Stichting Ultraum is the new kid on the block and the newest creative maker space that was recently developed and opened in the former glass factory by a Rotterdam art collective. They completely converted the former glass warehouse in 7 months and now includes 3 open studio spaces, a music studio, a wood workshop, a tattoo shop, an art bar/canteen and an exhibition space. This results in a multidisciplinary art space where music, visual art, graphics and design go together seamlessly while enjoying a snack and a drink.

During Art Route Schiedam / Rotterdam Art Week, Ultraum welcomes its visitors with a special art show with a few guest artists and with a daily DJ program from Thursday afternoon to Sunday midnight. And of course the art bar is also open, so the perfect hangout in the evening. View the daily program and exact opening times.

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