Sebastien Boko

Sculptor | Benin

Sebastien Boko has a hereditary knowledge and passion for wood. It is a family belief that the blood mixes with the sap and is imbued into the work. Indeed, after his studies, it was at his father’s workshop in Zogbodomey in Benin that he began learning to carve wood. 

It is as though there is a big veil separating us from the mystery of life. In quest for power, humans have veiled themselves, sometimes in the face of their own weaknesses. We do not reveal everything to others, and everything is not revealed to us.



Sebastien Boko (1984)born and raised in Benin in a family of sculptors, received his artistic formation from his father’s workshop in Zobodomey in Benin, through artistic collaboration with amongst others Dominic ZinkPé and several international residenciesAlthough sculpture is his main form of artistic expression, Boko doesn’t hesitate to cross over to other forms including performances, installations, slam poetry, and music which explains the diversity and uniqueness of his work.

In his semi-figurative and abstract sculptures he uses often symbolism from the African Gélèdè culture placed in a contemporary setting with a mixture of materials such as wood, metal and symbolistic objects of mixed media including padlocks and sections of chains. He often recycles materials from oil barrels and auto parts.

Boko is well recognised in Benin and received several awards over the past years. He has participated in many international exhibitions and symposiums in Austria, Switzerland, Turkey, China, Japan, Tanzania, Senegal, Mali, Ivory Coast, Togo and the Netherlands. 

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National exhibitions


Artistes du monde 2020, l’Institut Francais de Cotonou, Cotonou, Benin 


Veils, French Institute Cotonou, International Show of Architects, Cotonou 


The Week Red House, Cotonou 

Diplomatic Holiday, At The Ministry Of Foreign Affairs, Cotonou


The Echoes Of Lobozounkpa, Arts and Culture Center Of Robert Vallois, Cotonou 


Exhibition – Workshop with Coffi Sètondji and Ludovic Fadairo, “COP21” Global Warming, French Institute of Cotonou 

Girl In Uniform, French Institute of Cotonou 

3 Dimensions, Arts and Culture Center of Robert Vallois de Lobozounkpa 

Experimental Cenacle, French Institute of Cotonou 

The Envol, Air France in Cotonou 

Benin Art, Martyrs Square, Cotonou 


 Prom’art Young International, 8th edition Place des Martyrs, Cotonou 


Intense Generation, Red House, Cotonou 

German Cultural Week, Residence of the German Ambassador, Cotonou  

Biennale Regard Benin Density Generation New Unik, Place of contemporary creation in Abomey  

The Drafting, Cotonou 

3 Arts, Société Générale des Banques, Cotonou 

Ahwan Kpo Do Te, Martyrs Square, Cotonou 


International exhibitions


Africa Now, OpenArtExchange, Schiedam, The Netherlands


World Wood Day, Graz, Austria 

Inami, Japan 


International Festival Of Plastic Arts, Assouindé, Ivory Coast 
Off Biennal De D’akart, Senegal 


International Sculpture Symposium On Wood, Brienz, Switzerland   


World Wood Day, Odunpazari / Eskisehir Museum, Turkey 

Faiva, African Virtual Artistic Image Festival. Bamako, Mali 


World Wood Day Shanghai, Xianyou, Kunming City, People’s Republic of China 


World Wood Day Dar es Salaam, Karimjeem Hallen, Tanzania 


First International Sculpture Symposium on Libreville Wood, National Museum of Libreville, Gabon 


Do It, French Institute of Lomé, Togo 



Price Board Of The Agreement: Bénin art, at Royal Hotel Cotonou Benin 

2010 & 2013

Fesnac -1st and 2nd prize National Festival of Arts and Culture in Benin 

Prom’art Young International, 8th Grand Prix of Cotonou Sculpture, Benin 

World Wood Day “Strongest Content” African Sculptor Award 2013, Dar Es Salam, Tanzania 


Gold Price, National Wood Sculpture Competition organized by International Wood Culture Society in Cotonou, Benin  


Departmental Festival of Arts And Culture, 1st Prize Tori, Benin