Jacques Tange

Painter | The Netherlands

Jacques Tange was born in Vlissingen in 1960. He spent most of his childhood drawing, painting, working on depth, precision and perspective. From the age of fourteen he cherished the dream of becoming a professional artist.

“I want people to find their own idea with the artwork and that they do not adopt my perception but my appreciation for the craftsmanship.”



Born in Vlissingen, The Netherlands, in 1960, Jacques Tange knew from an early age he wanted to become a professional artist. He was educated at the Academy of Arts in Rotterdam. 

Inspired by the illuminated handwritings of the middle ages, he uses his own imagination and humour in present-day themes. The ornamentation and his typical use of bright colours are applied with the use of archetypes and methaphors. Tange is a creator of a world which is as recognisable as it is strange. What is shown to us is a closed world. 

The use of intimate, soft light creates a characteristic atmosphere. His works show a well balanced composition which is made both by object and colours. Recognisable themes regulary return in his artistic work about the relationship between man and woman, the urban jungle and the isolation of the human being. 

Tange has been exhibited in many countries and features in many collections and publications internationally. He became national artist of the year in 2005. 

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