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Nachtbrötchen Amsterdam

Experience the electric atmosphere of the legendary Mudd Club re-envisioned through vibrant performances and contemporary African art at Amsterdam's NDS-loods

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Art Reimagined: OpenArtExchange at Nachtbrötchen's Creative Fusion

OpenArtExchange will participate in Nachtbrötchen again at the NDS-loods Amsterdam with a performance, installation and intricate textile works of Laftmonk aka Latifa Medjdoub (France/US/Algeria) and a fine selection of African contemporary art from DR Congo, Nigeria and Benin. Watch our news closer to the date

Nachtbrötchen organises exceptional public art events, inspired by the concept and atmosphere of the Mudd Club in New York, a melting pot of the arts in the late 70s and early 80s. The Mudd Club was like a second home to artists such as Jean-Michel Basquiat, Andy Warhol and Keith Haring. Nachtbrötchen is recreating this extraordinary ambiance, with uniquely located, temporary events, since 2019. Over 2000 visitors enjoyed the first 3 day exhibition in Düsseldorf. More than 3000 people visited the weekend ‘Drive-In’ Art Gallery at Cologne’s Airport park house, in which OpenArtExchange participated as well. At the NDSM-loods in Amsterdam, the level of experimentation, substance and variety continues to surprise and evolve, showing where the possibilities may lead.

Nachtbrötchen aims to create a new “movement” dedicated to the way people engage with art, making it accessible and constantly reinventing the way art is brought to the public. For everybody, young and old, novice or art savvy, Nachtbrötchen wants people to be happy and have fun when they experience art. Each event is dynamically different from the event before. The concept is to break even with its own tradition. The aim is to explore all possibilities within this very versatile concept: An unexpected venue is filled with paintings, collages, sculptures, photography or installations in a wide range of styles, from cash&carry to professional collector level works. This visual ambiance is combined with music and performances, to create a unique and memorable experience for visitors.

The Düsseldorfer DJ-collective ‘Strandpiraten’ are essential music partners of Nachtbrötchen.