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The Essence of Existence: Artists Reflect on the Enigma of Time

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The Essence of Existence: Artists Reflect on the Enigma of Time

As people we are defined by time: as long as we live there is time, time that passes every second and adds memories of the past. Time that provides us with insights or holds us in an inability to change. Time that makes us forget the past and let us live in the now. Time that tempts us to daydream about what could be.

Time is elusive, perhaps incomprehensible. It runs through our fingers, but we mark our tracks over time and become who we are. Or can we beat the time? What does time do with us and what do we do with time?

Various artists give their vision of time:

  • Debesh Goswami (India / France) with sculptures and an installation about the transience of things and the stopping of time and place.
  • Fenneke Hordijk (Schiedam / Rotterdam) with drawings about transformation and the transience and materiality of our existence.
  • Fransix Tenda (DR Congo) with paintings about the changeability and immutability of the socio-political situation in African societies.
  • Gabriel Jideonwor (Nigeria) with paintings and collages about how our gaze is determined by the past.
  • Jeffrey Burger (Schiedam) working with iron wire on singularity and trans humanity.