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Art Route Schiedam 2023

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Historic Schiedam: Art and Culture at Every Corner

 During the weekend of Rotterdam Art Week, which took place from February 10 to 12, 2023, OpenArtExchange participated in Art Route Schiedam. Art lovers could enjoy themselves in the old historic city center of Schiedam, only about 10 minutes away from Rotterdam Center, Marconiplein, M4H area/HAKA building (Object Design Fair) and Keilepand (Haute Photographie International Fair), as well as the Van Nelle Factory ( Art Rotterdam International Art Fair). Art Route Schiedam walked through the old city center of Schiedam with its monumental museum quarter, canals, windmills, the old city park and ended at the experimental multidisciplinary art spaces SodaFabriek and Ultraum/Glasfabriek, crossing the Schie by boat. A varied and high-quality art program was on display at the 12 locations, with various exhibition openings and music performances at 5 places along the route.