Art Route Schiedam x IDDF Around Town

Dance and music at OpenArtExchange ánd a pop-up exhibition at Eurobrouwers

During the International Dutch Distillers Festival (IDDF), Schiedam is all about art, culture, history and architecture. For IDDF Around Town, there will be various live dance and music performances and workshops from May 24 to 26 at several locations of the Art Route Schiedam. 

IDDF Around Town at OpenArtExchange

During the opening of "Gléhoué - Home of the earth" on Saturday May 25th the dance performance 'The Persistence of memory' will be performed in our gallery from 3:40 PM – 4:00 PM. This dance performance is inspired by the surrealism of Dali and Magritte, where dancers Matea Kiselichka and Anneloes van Schuppen look for the balance between the rational vision of life and the distorted surreal world of dreams and unconscious creativity. Choreography: Matea Kiselichka (in collaboration with Magnezy Dance productions), music: Sara Zambon. 

On Sunday May 26th there will be live music in our gallery by the duo Fortune Strings at 2:00PM & 2:50PM. This musical duo on violin and (bass) guitar brings a mix of many styles, from Funk, Latin, world music, jazz, to pop and Irish Folk. Fortune Strings is a Schiedam duo, part of Troubadours van Schiedam. 

Alongside this program in our gallery we are also presenting  the Pop-up exhibition “Notre Vie, notre Histoire” in Eurobrouwers (at De GlasFabriek, Buitenhavenweg 142). This is a duo exhibition by Benjamin Deguenon (Benin) and Casca (Portugal/Angola). Basquiat meets Picasso: Both artists show contemporary urban life in Africa in their own unique way.

Interview (in Dutch)

For the full IDDF Around Town programme, visit: 

IDDF Around Town x Art Route Schiedam


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