Art Route Schiedam 2024

2 > 5 Feb. 2024
A Weekend of artistic exploration

During the weekend of the Rotterdam Art Week from February 2 to 4, 2024, art enthusiasts had the chance to immerse themselves in the historic city center of Schiedam. Located just about 10 minutes from Rotterdam's Center, Marconiplein, the M4H area (which includes Haute Photographie, Rotterdam Photo 24, and Unity in Diversity), and the Van Nelle Factory (home to the Art Rotterdam international art fair), Schiedam offers a rich cultural experience.

Navigating Schiedam's historic beauty

The Art Route Schiedam winds through the city’s old center, showcasing its monumental museum quarter, picturesque canals, iconic windmills, the oldest city park in the Netherlands, and concludes at the avant-garde, multidisciplinary art spaces of SodaFabriek and Ultraum/Glasfabriek. Here, visitors have the unique opportunity to cross the Schie river by boat.

Immersive cultural journey

The "Art Route Schiedam" is a captivating cultural journey held in Schiedam, Netherlands, aligning with the Rotterdam Art Week. This exploration route spans approximately 5 kilometers and traverses twelve cultural landmarks, encompassing museums, galleries, and diverse art venues. Attendees are treated to a rich tapestry of art programs, featuring numerous exhibition openings and musical performances scattered across various points of interest. Distinctively, this route meanders through Schiedam’s ancient city center, highlighting its storied museum quarter, historic harbors, traditional mills, and the country's oldest city park, offering a unique and enriching cultural experience.

Art Route Schiedam website

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