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Group exhibition Spirituality

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You are warmly welcome to join us in the gallery on Saturday September 9 at 1:45 pm for the opening of group exhibition Spirituality. The trio exhibition “Spirituality” is the third in a series on identity. You are most welcome at the opening at Hoogstraat 85 in Schiedam, where you can discuss the works with the artists present while enjoying a snack and a drink. There will also be a performance by Amit Palgi during the opening.

About the exhibition

Human spirituality is core to the true make up of one’s identity, that sense what or who a person is in his most intimate core, individually or as part of a community. Spirituality is that internal sense and belief in something bigger than you, some form of interconnectedness with other lives, nature or the wider universe, the Sacred, the Divine. It is from all times and all cultures, from the inception of mankind. For some it is religion, for others meditation or rituals, even atheists have a spiritual self. Spirituality alleviates us, it keeps us sane and helps us face the impossible and, ultimately, death. In “Spirituality” Sanda Amadou (Benin), Serge Diama (DR Congo) and Kingsley Ogwara (Luxembourg/Nigeria) go in search of what spirituality means to them. ​

Amadou, researcher of African traditional beliefs with Fulani roots, returns with a new episode in his synthetic hairworks project with the “Sacred”-series, this time combining a tableau of (semi-)sculptures of braided synthetic hair and mixed media on metal wires, canvas and wooden plates, reflecting his own contemporary re-interpretation of symbols of deeply rooted beliefs about ancestor worship and nature. ​

Diama shows the typical African religious blend of Christianity and traditional African beliefs with his “Révélations”-series, pictoral surrealist visions in oil and mixed media collages on canvas and mini canvas tapestries, seamlessly combining biblical connotations with traditional African masks and other ancient symbolism, which can be interpreted in a multitude of ways.

Ogwara shows his “Icon”series, holy saints and guardian angels who seem to have walked away from glassstained church windows. More or less hidden in (semi-)abstract compositions in different pastiche styles in oils and acrylics, that often seem to take on the form of masses of people.

The exhibition will run from September 9th until October 14th and can also be seen online on Artnet and in our Artsy viewing room.

Wonder (a)Tent

During our opening, Amit Palgi will perform ‘Wonder aTent’. ‘Wonder aTent’ is a performative installation that uses dance, text and sound to ask questions about wandering, migration and feeling at home. “Home is not the place you live, it’s the place you know you can return to if you want to” -Eshkol Nevo. Palgi explores the homesickness, the longing for “Home”, the spiritual state of being where you are in your own place and feel at home.

Amit Palgi is a dancer and choreographer, who uses all art mediums to communicate with his art. He hopes to share a sense of vulnerability, empathy and community through his art. To move, interact and touch. In today’s fast-paced world, Amit tries to offer a moment to look at yourself and others.