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Group exhibition: Gléhoué - Home of the earth

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Join Us for the Opening of "Gléhoué – Home of the Earth": A Celebration of African Contemporary Art

You are warmly invited to the opening of our newest group exhibition on Saturday May 25th starting at 3:30 PM. 
From 3:40 PM – 4:00 PM the dance performance 'The Persistence of memory' will be performed.

“Gléhoué – Home of the earth” is the first exhibition in a new series exploring the diversity of African contemporary art. Born from the notion “African contemporary art does not exist”, this series seeks to show a glimpse of the vast diversity in contemporary art from Africa by visiting artists in various countries or regions of the continent and rather let the stories evolve from there, than working from a pre-conceived theme or narrative.  

The first stop in this artistic journey is Southern Benin, cradle of the African traditional Vodoun religion and home to other related religions with rich spiritual traditions going back to the earliest of times. Steeped in a grand ancient history full of powerful kingdoms, ferocious wars, source of great pride with many tales about glorious heroes, the amazons, incredible bravery and loyalty beyond belief.  Also home to a past full of tragedies, full of the most unbelievable cruelties and suffering, with the darkest era of slave trade at its heart. The earth of Benin has witnessed the best and the worst of mankind, encompassing all. In the exhibition we show four artists who are firmly rooted in this dual history and the religious and spiritual heritage that still breaths in every corner of Beninese society: 

  • Tchif Tchiakpe (1973), 
  • Marcel Kpoho (1988), 
  • Rafiy Okefolahan (1979) and 
  • Elise Takoudagba (1978).