Painter, sculptor | Angola / UK

Casca, is a self-taught artist born in 1976 in Alverca, Lisbon. He is one of the few Angolan Luso artists in the world of contemporary Angolan national art. The exhibition ROOTS showed his acrylic paintings with his colourful avatar identities of modern society from the serie “Survive”.

“I believe that art is able to liberate the human being from individual thoughts, allowing the exchange and union of cultures, perpetuating the thoughts of humanity, adding knowledge, moral, ethical and human values.”


Born from an artist family in Lisbon, Casca picked up drawing and painting from a young age, but only started exhibiting as a professional artist in 2016. In his formative years he moved and settled down in Angola where, he studied amongst others for many year the Chokwe people in South Angola. Casca’s work is deeply influenced by ancient Angolan culture, which he places in a unique contemporary setting in a mixture of sculptures and paintings and drawings.

His latest study concern a series of observed characters that populate our contemporary society, brought back to memory by single phrases on each page of a novel, functioning as sketchbook. In his own unique colourful style, he combines drawing and painting on canvas, creating distorted abstract faces, combining ancient patterns and symbolism in a comic style with influences of street art and pop art.

Since Casca started exhibiting in 2016 in Angola, he has been in various exhibitions in Angola, The Netherlands and the UK (London, Birmingham and the Peternorough museum).

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Solo exhibitions


EVIAVYO- Chiquitos Coffee and Art, Benguela- Angola 

Group exhibitions


It’s the culture exhibition (The Crib-custard factory), Digbeth, Birmingham 


We’re still at daycare 333 (Adonis Fortunato Art Gallery), Luanda Angola 
Comtemporary exhibition Peterborough Museum 
Art Gallery, Peterborough, UK
United by Painting– Mathews yard Gallery, London, UK 

Tribute to 400 years of Benguela, Casca and Guilherme Manpuya– Hotel terminus, Benguela, Angola 

Presence is key (Adonis Fortunato Art Gallery), Luanda, Angola Portuguese Cultural Center at the Portuguese Embassy in Luanda), Luanda, Angola Soap Factory, Luanda, Angola 

Art installations on festivals


Etimba fest, Benguela-Angola

Children’s theatrical music, Atlantico cine theater, Luanda Angola 

Rock on the Catumbela River, Benguela Angola