Astrid Meijer

Painter | The Netherlands

Inspired by processes of growth and decay, she collects weathered materials and utensils, which she transforms through minimal interventions into new images in which the familiar reality turns out to be no longer correct.

“I try to influence the point of view of the spectator in observing daily ordinary matters, to reach more connection and fascination. 



Collecting heavy damaged textiles along the Bevera river in Italy, past summer, shows an example   of Astrid Meijer’s interest in decay and vulnerability. In contradiction of haute couture she prefers basse couture.

The artist tries to influence the point of view of the spectator in observing of daily ordinary matter, to reach more connection and enchantment/ fascination.

Gloves  often appear, transformed in fetish  objects sometimes with an erotic connotation, this being used in site specific installations as well.

Beneath this  Astrid Meijer practices ‘surgery’ on furniture creating an amazing ‘living room’ where the usual comfort zone has been changed into a surreal surrounding.

Interested in found sound as well she sometimes practices performances with live animated sound in collaboration with musicians.

Born in Delft, NL. Royal Academy The Hague, Lives and works in Rotterdam

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