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OpenArtExchange is an international art gallery founded in 2018, which aims to stimulate and connect contemporary visual artists from non-Western countries with the Western art and culture world. This is realized through our online platform and through the OpenArtExchange Center located within the Rotterdam region. 

OpenArtExchange seeks collaboration with contemporary visual artists (collectives), particularly within the Rotterdam region, to shape its cultural exchange activities. This collaboration can vary from working with our affiliated artists on art projects, providing or participating in workshops, participating in our art and culture debates or other events, to renting studio space at our center.

OpenArtExchange would like to explore collaboration with corporates and art collectors who professionally manage and build art collections. In addition, OpenArtExchange is open to all companies that are interested in art and creativity and would like to make a contribution. This can vary from making their own building available for exhibiting art, sponsoring specific art events in kind, to taking creatively oriented culture and leadership training courses or renting appealing art spaces in our center for holding conferences and meetings (with or without catering by OpenArt Cafe).

OpenArtExchange seeks to collaborate with art and cultural institutions, both in the Netherlands, and the countries of origin of our artists and wider Europe. This can vary from aligning artistic programming around themes, joint programming of expositions or other community events, jointly developing a vision, to hiring guest curators, exchanging information, making use of each other’s platform and / or facilitating each other’s activities.

OpenArtExchange seeks to collaborate with educational institutions, including art colleges and universities, to shape cultural exchange, research and education activities. This can vary from jointly exchanging, developing or (mutually) providing master classes, facilitating research, providing learning and work experience places, having studio spaces available, or collaborating on art projects or other community events.

With its mode of operation, OpenArtExhange aims to strengthen the local community and, where suitable, deploy local employees or offer opportunities to people with a disadvantage in the labour market. As such, OpenArtExchange actively seeks cooperation with relevant local agencies.

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