Solo exhibiton INSIDE

Until June 27 you watch the solo exhibition “Inside” by Kingsley Ogwara. “Inside” offers a broad overview of paintings and sculptures by Kingsley Ogwara (Luxembourg / Nigeria). Ogwara, previously seen in Schiedam, is a master of orchestrating colors and shapes.

His pointillistic, rhythmic abstracts with rich textures in oil paint and acrylic, typically reflect the illusion of crowds with much to discover, sometimes barely concealed. Ogwara is fascinated by the inner man and how it relates to his environment, to the community in which he lives and from which he derives his identity.

He often hides images in his layered works, always looking for patterns of human connection, harmony, shared values, feelings, inspiration or precisely those hidden vulnerabilities through which connection is created.

His sculptures in wood and alabaster stone are mainly organic abstracts with clear, flowing lines, associative with a touch of realism. Domestically, Ogwara’s sculptures were recently nominated for the Prix Grand-Duc Adolphe during Luxembourg Art Week at the end of 2019.

His paintings have previously been awarded the prestigious Prix Pierre Werner during Luxembourg Art Week in 2016. In addition to being recognized in his own country, Ogwara has built up a solid international track record with participation in many exhibitions, international art fairs and art events in Luxembourg Netherlands, Germany and France and his work can be found in collections far beyond.

OpenArtExchange is an international art center that supports promising non-Western artists and connects them to the Western art and culture world, including through international residences and exhibitions with local artists from its location in Schiedam. In addition, she represents her artists at international art fairs, art festivals and other art events and online.

Where: OpenArtExchange Hoogstraat 85
When: Until June 27
What time: Wed to Sat: 1 pm – 6 pm. and by appointment
Also open on Ascension Day and Pentecost

The program and gallery space have been adapted to Corona measures and redesigned. Art lovers can now safely enjoy a 450 m art spread over 2 floors via a one-way route at a distance of 1.5 m.

Photo Overview photo “Inside” by the artist Kingsley Ogwara  (© OpenArtExchange)