Sanda Amadou at AKAA Paris

We are currently at AKAA Paris, presenting the soloshow “Sacred places” with mixed media works from Sanda Amadou (Benin). It forms a grand debut of the new 3D braided hair works from the Beninese artist Sanda Amadou’s, which has been largely created during his residency in Schiedam over the past period, ahead of his solo duet Garden of Eden with Parisian artist Antoine Janot at OpenArtExchange in Schiedam (Rotterdam region, Netherlands) end of October.

In “Sacred places” Amadou mobilizes Beauty and the Sacred in his own imaginary language, telling abstract stories about those vulnerable sacred places in life, which deserve protection from those who cannot understand, respect or appreciate. As such, he integrates sacred forests with painted hair braids in his architectural abstract compositions, or presents them as sculptures on pedestals or protruding from the wall to call for the protection of nature.

For a first foto impression see below. You can still visit us at booth C3 till Sunday 6 pm.