Opening Salon du CAL – Luxembourg Art Week

Last weekend was the grand opening of de Salon du CAL (Cercle Artistique de Luxembourg) exhibition with the nominees for the bi-annual Prix Pierre Werner as the highlight of Luxembourg Art Week. The event was well attended by the top of Luxembourg, featuring the Duke and Duchess of Luxembourg, the Mayor of Luxembourg city and the Minister of Culture, who also awarded the Prix Pierre Werner to the best artists of Luxembourg.

We were there as OpenArtExchange to support our artist Kingsley Ogwara, who was nominated by CAL for the third time with the beautiful hollow alabaster stone sculpture series Secret places I-III. Earlier he was also nominated for the Prix Pierre Werner in 2016, when he won the award for his painting Color syntaxis, and in 2019 for the Prix Grand Duke Adolphe with his serie abstract wooden sculptures Transfiguration I-III.

Though Ogwara did not win the award again, a celebration was certainly in order as this third nomination by CAL entitles him to become a member titulair of CAL at their upcoming Annual General Meeting in April next year. That will be a historical and inspiring moment for many, Ogwara being the first black artist entering the CAL.

The Prix Pierre Werner this year was awarded to Chantal Maquet for her monochromatic oil painting “Tue dir Gutes und rede darüber #Païschtcroisière“ and Miikka Heinonen for his photo tryptich “Tomorrow is not what it used to be, 2022“. Congratulations to both!

The Salon du CAL 2022 remains to be seen till 27 November 2022 at Tramsschapp, 72 Avenue Pasteur, Luxembourg/Limpertsberg