Opening Africa Now II

Last saturday OpenArtExchange opened the summer exhibition Africa Now II with vocals and guitar music by young talent Giulia Bandiziol, also lead singer and guitarist of the girl rock band “Serendipity” from The Hague. And with a meet and greet some of the participating artists, notably Tchif Thiakpe (Benin) and Kingsley Ogwara (Luxembourg/Nigeria).

It was a great to celebrate the re-opening of the gallery season after the summer holidays with a show of this excellent group of well-recognised African contemporary artists from 4 different countries, each showing their distinctly different signature. A celebration with old and new friends, interesting art conversations, great music, a great response and some interested collectors too.

If you missed it, below some photo impressions. Should you be interested in any of the works, all exhibited works and more info about the artists, can be found on our website on the respective artist pages. You can still visit Africa Now II till 15 October, wed-sat 10:00-18:00h.


This recurring summer exhibition aims to provide an insight into the richness and enormous diversity of contemporary African art. This edition with a presentation of recent works by 4 internationally recognized artists from 4 different countries. Mature art, which no longer has anything to do with the stigma of primitive, naïve exotic art, but proves itself to be an in-sync part of the international contemporary art world. Of course, this is only a glimpse of the legio-headed appearance of contemporary African art, but we are very proud of the quality and versatility of the art works brought to the Netherlands for this exhibition, partly created here in residence.
Tchif Tchiakpe (Benin) shows his well-known abstract expressionist total
compositions full of depth and colour, to which he adds his own symbolic language. 

Kingsley Ogwara (Luxembourg/Nigeria) composes his abstract colorful compositions in a pointillist pastiche style with rich textures, which seem to take form of crowds of people, and shows abstract sculptures in alabaster stone.

Rising talent Mounou Desire Koffi (Ivory Coast) creates a new series of stylized figurative textile works from recycled mobile key pads, jute and linen in more subdued organic earth tones with a hint of colour.

On the other hand, the world of Serge Diakota (DR Congo) is populated by surrealistic figures in exuberant colours, meticulously painted in oil paint, collage and pen drawing on A4 and A3 coated paper.

Welcome to the eclectic world of Africa Now II. Don’t miss it!