OpenArtExchange: think about time

This week, the TIME group exhibition can be admired in the museum quarter of Schiedam at the OpenArtExchange international art center. In line with the multicultural vision of the center, the exhibition was made by a mixed group of recognized non-Western (Nigeria, RD Congo, India) and local artists.

Time is about time. As people we are defined by time: as long as we live there is time, time that passes every second and adds memories of the past. What does time do with us and what do we do with time? Five artists give their views on this in a special exhibition.

Debesh Goswami has become known with sculptures and installations about place and time and the transience of things. In particular, his work on wrapping objects from place with sacrificial flower garlands, a traditional Hindu symbol of transition and transformation, is well-known. In the past he has exhibited with big names such as Anish Kapoor and Christo. In his installation for Time, he attempts to capture the place and time of working city Schiedam, and specifically the Hoogstraat.

Fenneke Hordijk, part of the Schiedam artists’ collective KunstWerkt, is also fascinated in her work by transformation and the transience and materiality of our existence through time. She shows various sides of this phenomenon, for example in an installation of rusted objects fished from the Schie, which shows the beauty of decay with fragments of stories from a bygone era. Semi-abstract drawings show the impact of humans on the landscape in the Rijnmond region over the centuries.

Fransix Tenda (DR Congo) asks whether something fundamentally changes in society over time. Living and working from the African metropolitan environment of Kinshasa and other African cities, in countries that have long been plagued by conflicts, corruption and violence, the slow, apparently stagnant social development is palpable every day. With his colorful surrealistic paintings, he shows his dandy-like, fashion-conscious figures.

Jeffrey Burger, Schiedams artist in heart and soul, works from his own vision of time and the western society in which he lives. With his 3D iron mesh works, he looks far ahead in time and investigates the future of man. Fascinated by the impact of the ever-evolving technology, he asks where the perfection of man stops.

Gabriel Jideonwor, talent from Nigeria, lives in the now and looks back in time. His work is a reflection of his observations of human relationships in a complex world full of contradictions and inequalities. In his paintings and collages, the eyes of his colorful portraits, in expressionist pop art style, are the mirror of the soul.

TIME, OpenArtExchange, Hoogstraat 85, up to and including 15 September from 12 noon to 6 pm.