OpenArtExchange candidate for culture prize!

With its Waterway Street Art Route project, OpenArtExchange is nominated for the Waterway Culture prize. The prize is awarded every other year to the best idea for a cultural project in the Waterweg-Noord region. In this edition special attention is given to the theme ‘language in the broadest sense of the word’. The prize wants to stimulate everyone who contributes to the cultural climate in the Waterway region with passion, pleasure and competence.

The nominees receive three thousand euros and the possibility of a coaching program to further develop their idea into an executable project plan and thus qualify for the large prize of fifteen thousand euros.

The jury consists of Kefah Allush (interviewer and presenter of TV programs such as Van Atlas to Arabia and De Kist, Eppo König (editor at the NRC), Jolanda Spoel (head of theater, programmer and director at Maas Theater and Dance in Rotterdam, member of the Amsterdam Art Council and chairman of the Dance and Culture Houses specialist committees) and Renee Trijselaar (active under the name Well Played as project manager and coach within the culture sector, including the Hiphop House in Rotterdam).

This prize is made possible thanks to the municipalities of Schiedam, Vlaardingen and Maassluis and the Fonds Schiedam Vlaardingen e.o.