Zhanhong LIAO

Painter and sculptor | The Netherlands / China

Zhanhong Liao is from Guangzhou, China. She completed her General Art & Design training at the City College of Manchester (England) in 1994. Her oeuvre consists of painting, photography, performances, video, mixed media and community-based art.

“Using different ways of expression to discover more in myself, that is the outcome of freedom and getting more mature. I’d like to see myself as a person who keeps developing in compassion, sympathy, loving and intellectual than a craftsman. Art is everywhere. And art leads us to explore the world.”



Zhanhong was born in 1965 in GuangzhouChina. Following her art graduation from Manchester City College (England), she lives and works in the Dutch town of Vlaardingen, and is a member of the Pulchri Studio Society of Artists in The Hague since 1999. Her work, originally consisting of diaries and paintings, shows a rapid development from figuration to a somewhat looser, more abstract approach – if she uses Chinese characters in a painting, these don’t have to be read  as language, but moreover they are primarily shapes,  elements of the work’s composition. The materials employed by Zhanhong play an increasing part in her diaries and paintings (aside from paint, she also applies materials like fabrics and wire gauze), making the diaries diary objects.  

She also works in other media, e.g. performance, video and digitally-based  works. At the same time she engages in dialogue with the world around her in other ways: in 2009 she made large-sized digital works based on hundred of collected photos of inhabitants of VlaardingenZhanghong has exhibited solo in Amsterdam and  participated in group exhibitions in [amongst  others] Saint Petersburg (Russia), Izmir (Turkey), Helsinki (Finand), Kampala (Uganda) and Brescia (Italy).  Her projects, lectures and stays as an artist-in-residence take her from  China to Tunisia and Germany.    

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Selected exhibitions


Voorjaarsalon, Pulchri Studio 

Contemporary Art Gallery Har Hensgens 



Solo, Gallery 44, The Hague 

VoorjaarsalonPulchri Studio, The Hague 

KunstspoorKortgene, Noord-Beverland 



Rooting in between, RIB, Schiedam 

NajaarsalonPulchri Studio 

‘t Huis van Zotheid, Rotterdam  



Solo, Pulchri Studio, The Hague 

Stichting Kunstwerkt, Schiedam 

Art Center Remagen, Germany  



Gallery de 13e Maand, ‘Reflectie’ (duo), Rotterdam 

Gallery De Duig, Vlaardingen 

De Windwijzer, (solo) Vlaardingen 

‘t Hof Mieszcanskim, ‘Paspoort to Art’, Torun Poland 

Pulchri Studio, The Hague 

Pand Paulus, ‘Me, Myself and I’, Schiedam 

KADE 40, ’Symbiose’, Vlaardingen 



Gallery Wies Willems, Amsterdam 

Gallery RAR, ‘Grenzeloos’, Spijkenisse 

Pulchri Studio, The Hague 

Gallery de 13e Maand, Rotterdam 

Pand Paulus, Schiedam 



Pand Paulus, ‘Dialogen’, Schiedam 

Pulchri Studio, The Hague 

Pand Paulus, ‘Afscheid’, Schiedam 

Gallery Double Trees, Hilton

Hotel Kussadassi, Turkey 

Diversity & Art, Amsterdam (solo) 



Gallery Myro, Thessaloniki, Greece 

pArt 96 e.V.,Künstlergemeinschaft Münster, Germany

Selexyz Donner, Rotterdam 

Naakt vs Bloot’, Pand Paulus, Schiedam 
‘East meets West’, Kunst im SchlosskellerWaldshut-Tiengen, Germany 

Boyuan Art Gallery, The Hague 

The Goethe Institute, Freiburg, Germany 

International Exhibition “CULTURES OF COSMOS”, Hall of the Palace of Romanian Parliament, Bucharest 



Puchri Studio, The Hague (solo) 

Pand Paulus, Schiedam 

Galerie Hollandia, Vlaardingen 

Izmir International Biennial, Izmir, Turkey 

ContemporaryESTeeLIE, PRIMAVERA Ahoy Rotterdam 

Muzee, Scheveningen 

CBK, Rotterdam

Het Loggerfestival, Vlaardingen 

Studio Zi, Rotterdam

Festival Int. des Arts Plastiques de Monastir, Tunisia 



Galerie Josine Bokhoven, Amsterdam (solo) 
Open Art Fair, ESTeeLIE Contemporary, Utrecht 

Competition’Turbulences’ in Hesse, Germany 
International Festival of Experimental Art, ‘Manege’, Sint-Petersburg 

ContemporaryESTeeLIE, PRIMAVERA Ahoy Rotterdam 

WAD Closer to Delft III, World Art Delft, Delft 
Pulchri Studio, The Hague

Zone Zero – Gallikos River,  Municipality 

Exhibition Space, Kilkis, Greece 

‘Agora’, Centro Arto LuPier, Brescia, Italy 



Puchri Studio, The Hague (solo) 

Beemster Art Centre, Amsterdam (duo) 

Hollandia Gallery, Vlaardingen (solo) 

Oosterkerk en Mozes en Aaronkerk, Amsterdam 

Galerie van B, Vlaardingen 

World Art Delft, Delft 

Stedelijk Museum Het Prinsenhof, Delft 

Vele Vlaardingen in Een Huis, Vlaardingen (solo) 


General Art & Design, City College of Manchester, U.K. 1991-1995

Member of Pulchri Studio, Artist Association in The Hague

Member of Kunstgebouw of South Holland  

Member of Kunstwerkt, Schiedam

Member of EUMAN Finland

Member of Artist Collectief De 13e Maand, Rotterdam

Work experience

Teaching in painting and Chinese Calligraphic/Gallery Kadan, The Netherlands, 1998-2000  

Teacher and team leader for Project Leentjebeur of City Vlaardingen 2000-2001 

Member of PR commission of Puchri Studio, The Hague,  2001-2002 

Lectors in University of Hua Nan Shi Fang, Guangzhou, China, 2004-2005      

Establisher of Stichting Brains & Hearts, 2006 

Design and produce ‘Venetiedocument ZMC”, The Netherlands 2007 

‘Experience China’, workshop voor Olympic team, Arham, 21 June 2007 

Project ‘Trouwen & Houwen’, Vlaardingen, 2007-2008 

Project ’Identity’, Schiedam, The Netherlands, 2007 

Conservator ‘China Show’, Castle Rhoon,  The Netherlands, 2007-2008 

Project ‘De Brug naar China’, The Netherlands/China, 2008-2009 

Project ‘Made in China’, Vlaardingen, 2009 

International Festival of Experimental Art, ‘Manege’, Sint-Petersburg, Russia, 2010 

Training course ‘Photography Adventure’, Sremski Karlovci, Serbia, September 2010 

Curator-China Tentoonstelling Pulchri Studio, The Hague, The Netherlands, 2011 

Curator ’China’, Stichting Kunstwerkt in Pand Paulus, The Netherlands, 2011 

Member of Ballotage Commission, Stichting Kunstwerkt, Schiedam, The Netherlands, 2013- 

Art Teacher at Seniorwelzijn, Vlaardingen, The Netherlands,  2013 –     

Artistic residence


The Tyrone Guthrie Centre AnnaghmakerrigNewbliss, Monaghan, Ireland


Invited artist in Resident in Foundation Valparaiso, Spain,  



Art symposium in CappadociaTurky  


Teaching in High Schools in Innsbruck, Austria

Art Colony, Rab island, Croatia

Art symposium in Pune, India 


Land Art Symposium, Livadi, Greece


International Painting Symposium, Ayden, Turkey


International Paiting Symposium Malownicza Barbarka, Poland


International Culture Art DailoguesKusadasi, Turkey

IKACA International Knidos Arts Festival, Knidos, Turkey


Symbosium 9th Monastir Art Festival, Monastir, Tunesia


The 2nd International Art & Science Festival’, UNESCO, Patras, Greece


Invited artist in “Talking Compounds II’ International Workshop, Uganda


The 1st International Environmental Art Symposium, Thessaloníki, Greece 

The 5th WAD International Art Symposium, Delft