FInAB viewing room / adjusted opening times

We are participating in FInAB (Le Festival International des Arts du Bénin) with our Beninese artists Sanda Amadou, Benjamin Deguenon, Sébastien Boko, MIdY, Marcel Kpoho, Syl Loko and Mr Fouzy. You can take a look at our online viewing room on Artsy here.

For the first time in history, the Beninese government supports the organisation of a grand bi-annual art festival, “Le Festival International des Arts du Benin (FInAB)”, as a first next step in developing the positioning of Beninese arts and culture, following the successful overview exhibition “Beninese Art yesterday and today” at the presidential palace in November 2022 to show the 26 historical Dahomey artefacts returned by France alongside 34 selected Beninese artists. It will be a great festival across all artistic disciplines, which will take place in the three main cultural cities of Benin: Cotonou, Ouidah and Porto Novo. Between major exhibitions, fashion shows, concerts and performances, for 6 days all of cultural Benin will show its colors. 

One of the highlights of the festival is the TokP’Art fair, a beachside art fair in Cotonou, where, among others, a visual arts section can be visited by collectors and art lovers to get the latest developments in contemporary Beninese art. OpenArtExchange is delighted to participate in this special fair from 14-19 February with 5 booths to showcase and support 7 of our Beninese artists. A viewing room with the FInAB collection. against special prices based on shipping directly from Benin, will remain available for sale for collectors on Artsy and other global gallery networks till March 31st.

Due to our local presence at FInAB in Cotonou, we will have adjusted opening times. From February 17th until March 4th we will be open only in the afternoons. On February 16th we will be closed.

Feel very welcome to visit our latest group exhibition #Faces at OpenArtExchange Schiedam in the coming  weeks at the following adjusted opening times:

Wednesday: 13:00-17:00

Thursday: 13:00-17:00

Friday: 13:00-17:00

Saturday: 13:00-17:00