Feraul Fosso

Painter | Cameroon

Feraul Fosso’s colourful acrylics are inspired by African cinema, everyday life, the way of life of those around him (cultural, political, religious, etc.) and his personal experiences.

“I want to tell stories lived, heard with my painting, I want to archive my society in all aspects of everyday life”



Feraul Fosso (1996) was born in Bamendou (west Cameroon). The artist graduated from the Mbalmayo Artistic Training Institute (IFA), and also studied at the Viking Kangamyam workshop, T William.

He began his career as an artist by paying homage to some great classical European masters, before taking an interest in his own personal journey. Today he defines himself as a chronicler of his people, he wants to tell stories lived and heard with his paintings and wants to archive society in all aspects of everyday life. Through his paintings thus reconnecting with different collective and community heritages around him.

He is an avid admirer of Gustave Courbet, painters of the Harlem Renaissance, David Hockney, Kerry James Marshall, T William, Gerard Fromager, Bernard Rancilac and Henrie Cueco.

His works start from the photographic staging of friends, neighbors, members of my family, etc. 

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Group exhibitions


Ties, OpenArtExchange, Schiedam


VIP Opening ( Theme: I Bet ba bodol ni djobba yen ni todjam ) at Logmo Makon Gallery.


Group exhibition at Gicam With the Art & Craft Center Of Douala.


Group exhibition of Center Promotion Center (CPS) of Mbalmayo.


Group exhibition at Italian Embassy in Cameroon.



3rd Painting price at the National Abengte competition.


2nd Price of the best portrait of the Italian President during his visit to the artistic training institute at Mbalmayo (IFA) in March 2016.



Internship at T William Studio.


Internship at Viking Kangamyam Studio


Visual Arts Advanced Level at Artistic Training Institute (IFA) Of Mbalmayo.