Exhibition: Human Nature

Satruday 1 June > 14 July 2019
OpenArtExchange, Hoogstraat 85, Schiedam

You are very welcome to visit our new solo exhibition Human Nature by Mumpasi Meso (Angola / Brazil) in the museum quarter in Schiedam (The Netherlands). The exhibition was formally opened on June 1 with the performance “Lumière du monde” by Mumpasi Meso. Mumpasi Meso is a recently internationally awarded mosaic artist with around 30 paintings and collages in various styles in this exhibition. Mumpasi Meso was already with us in the Netherlands last year in the InnerCities exhibition and the Fertile soil exhibition in the Stedelijk Museum Schiedam. He also participated in the Geuzenmaand exhibition in the Museum / Kade40 in Vlaardingen and recently on the mini exhibition in Theater Aan de Schie, during the African roots concert of Sint Radboud.

Mumpasi Meso (1984), studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts, as well as wasbatik in Utexafrica, in Kinshasa / DR Congo. He is a master in orchestrating colors and shapes with a unique signature. Mumpasi has won many prizes, including the prestigious prize for Best International Artist at the CIA Art Cultura 2018 art fair of Sao Paulo in Brazil and is mentioned in various books on contemporary art.

Throughout his career, Mumpasi Meso has been fascinated by human nature and spirituality. He investigates how people are part of nature and the wider universe, how people are essentially connected in their daily lives and behavior. His work is a positive search for human nature, for emotions, experiences, feelings and insights that connect people anywhere in the world. With various techniques and materials and his phenomenal rhythmic feeling, he manages to pull people out of their daily worries through his beautiful orchestrations of colors and shapes, which show our humanity and universal recognition.

OpenArtExchange is an independent international art center that wants to stimulate and connect promising contemporary visual artists from non-Western countries (especially Africa, South America and Asia) with the western world of art and culture. We do this through our online platform, participation in international art fairs and festivals, collaboration with partners and our exchange programs, exhibitions and other activities in our local art center in the museum district of Schiedam (Rotterdam region).

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