Solo exhibition INSIDE

OpenArtExchange Hoogstraat 85, Schiedam

INSIDE offers a broad overview of paintings and sculptures by Kingsley Ogwara. Ogwara is a master of orchestrating colors and shapes. His pointillistic, rhythmic abstracts with rich textures in oil paint and acrylic, typically reflect the illusion of crowds with much to discover, sometimes barely concealed. Ogwara is fascinated by the inner man and how […]

Exhibition Unlocked / Reconnected

OpenArtExchange Hoogstraat 85, Schiedam

The exhibition Unlocked / Reconnected is an initiative that brings together almost two hundred 'houses for art' throughout the Netherlands: Museums, Institutes for presentation, galleries, artists' initiatives and corporate collections. The point departure for Unlocked / Reconnected is the idea of sollidairity, the will to reflect collectively on what home is. As an initiative Unlocked […]

Exhibition ROOTS

OpenArtExchange Hoogstraat 85, Schiedam

This exhibition about roots of humanity shows acrylic paintings from Casca (Angola/UK) with his colourful avatar identities of modern society from the serie "Survive", confronting detailed collages about the heritage of post colonial African societies from Jonathan Vatunga (DR Congo/France), earthy masks and organic abstracts, with some calligraphic touch from Zhanhong Liao (NL/China), ragged vulnerable […]

Exhibition Africa Now

OpenArtExchange Hoogstraat 85, Schiedam

The exhibition aims to provide a glimpse into the richness and enormous diversity of contemporary African art with the presentation of recent works by 10 artists, representing 4 generations. This is of course only a glimpse of the broad appearance of contemporary African art, but we are particularly proud of the quality and versatility of […]

Solo exhibition CTRL+S

OpenArtExchange Hoogstraat 85, Schiedam

In "CTRL+S" Laftmonk plays with the different techniques and styles she has mastered over the years in her latest study on social identities ID#. Complex geometrical textile webbing techniques fuse with painting, photography and collage, resulting in subdued surrealistic psychological portraits clearly influenced by Francis Bacon as well as more colorful abstract images with streaks of street art and intricate textile sculptures and installation. She seamlessly mixes all to build the synthesis […]

Discovery Art Fair Frankfurt

Messe Frankfurt GmbH Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage 1, Frankfurt am Main

The Discovery Art Fair presents for the third time a broad spectrum of emerging contemporary art in the financial capital of Frankfurt am Main. On the first weekend of November the exhibition hall on the Frankfurt fairgrounds will be filled with fresh contemporary art at affordable prices again. For the 3rd edition of the art fair, […]

Solo exhibition Watching the time go by

OpenArtExchange Hoogstraat 85, Schiedam

In Tange's retrospective, various themes are discussed, which play an important role in his mostly stylized figurative pastel drawings, paintings and sculptures with repetitive patterns. With mild ironic humor and an imaginative power of his own, he observes the relationship between man and woman, the urban jungle and the isolation of man, as well as […]

Cancelled: New year – Walk-in event

OpenArtExchange Hoogstraat 85, Schiedam

This year, we will skip our traditional New Year's expo and re-launch Jacques Tange's solo exhibition "Watching the time go by" instead. You are all invited to join our walk-in New Year's event on 11/2 from 4:00 pm onwards. Of course, in compliance with the then applicable Corona rules.

Exhibition Undertow

OpenArtExchange Hoogstraat 85, Schiedam

For many reasons the art world today seems still vastly dominated by male artists. On 7/3/2021, the eve of International Women’s Day, we will open the exhibition Undertow, connecting a multi-diverse group of female artists, having them shed their light on contemporary society. The undertow may not always be visible, but is clearly sensible and […]