Dance performances at OpenArtExchange

During Art Rotterdam Week (6-9 February 2020) the international art center OpenArtExchange will once again open its doors at Hoogstraat 85 in Schiedam for dance performances in the glow-in-the-dark world of BOB & I (Between Open Borders & Isolation). This is a hybrid art-dance project from the Mexican / Dutch dance company FDR Dance | Fernando Dominguez and visual artist and designer Lawrence Kwakye (The Hague).

In the past year, Kwakye has built his own imaginary world in which man as an individual explores his social environment and interacts. In a continuous transition process, boundaries are being pushed and learning to move between different worlds. It has become a layered, multimedia installation in which light and shadow create their own ever-changing reality with objects, paintings, collages and photography provided with glow-in-the-dark fiber structures. In this installation Dominguez and his dancers interact with themselves, with each other, with the installation and the audience, looking for the balance between isolation versus openness, individuality versus adaptation, me versus us. The dance performance in BOB & I is in full development and consists of 4 episodes.

During Art Rotterdam Week three try-out performances are given in which (parts of) the episodes Memory of Light (1), Lightness of being (2), Mixed messages (3) and You are because we are (4) are discussed. . Performing dancers are Fernando Dominguez (Mexico), Xavier Hernandez (Mexico) and Samantha van de Doel (the Netherlands). The dance performances take place against the background of the first group exhibition of the new year “Hello 2020!” With recurring highlights of the past season, consisting of a mix of drawings, paintings, collages and installations by Steve Bandoma (DR Congo), Jeffrey Burger (Schiedam), Laftmonk (France / US), Jonathan Vatunga (DR Congo), Fenneke Hordijk (Rotterdam), Kingsley Ogwara (Luxembourg / Nigeria) and Astrid Meijer (Rotterdam). Hello 2020! can still be seen until 1 March. In addition, a salon presentation of the permanent collection can be seen.

You can combine your visit with seven other Art Rotterdam Week art locations within walking distance from the Art Route Schiedam (see (see map image below) and the museums in Schiedam such as the Stedelijk Museum Schiedam and the Jenever Museum.

FDR Dance | Fernando Dominguez
FDR Dance | Fernando Dominguez produces both stage performances and dance films. His choreographic work for dance films has now received more than 35 awards worldwide, including Best Short Film at the Cannes Short Film Festival in 2015 and has been screened at more than 250 festivals. Dominguez’s most recent collaboration with Codarts Dance has produced the short dance film “LEVEL”, which premiered during the Holland Dance Festival in January 2019 and then toured around 30 cities in the country.

OpenArtExchange is an international art center that supports and connects non-Western artists with the Western art and culture world, including through active exchange programs with local artists from its location in the museum quarter in Schiedam.

Hoogstraat 85
3111 HC Schiedam
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Opening hours during Art Rotterdam Week (5 to 9 February 2019):
Wednesday through Sunday 12: 00-18: 00, Saturday Art night until 22:00
Dance performances: Friday, Sunday at 4 p.m., Saturday at 8 p.m.

Regular opening times:
Wednesday to Sunday 12:00 to 18:00
Other days by appointment (email

Photo above: “Try-out BOB & I” (© OpenArtExchange)
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