Experience 'Memory of Light

A Mesmerizing Dance Premiere Amidst Art Rotterdam Week's Vibrant Exhibition

During the weekend of the Art Rotterdam Week (9-10 February), the dance performance 'Memory of light' by the Mexican / Dutch dance company FDR Dance | Fernando Dominguez. The dance performance takes place against the backdrop of the first group presentation of the new year 'Hello 2019' with a mix of drawings, paintings, photos, sculptures and an installation by Thó Simões (Angola), Jeffrey Burger (Schiedam), Bouvy Enkobo ( DR Congo), Fenneke Hordijk (Rotterdam), Kingsley Ogwara (Luxembourg/Nigeria), Cristiano Mangovo (Angola/Portugal), Mumpasi Meso (Brazil/Angola), Frans de Winter (Vlaardingen) and Lawrence Kwakye (The Hague/Ghana). This exhibition can be seen until February 27.

“Memory of Light” is the premiere of part I of the multidisciplinary art project Between Open Borders and Isolation (BOB & I)), a collaboration between dance (Fernando Dominguez / Samantha van den Doel) and visual arts (Lawrence Kwakye). "It is an interactive dance piece that explores the transition between different worlds in ultraviolet light by contemplating glow-in-the-dark collages and objects. These come to life, moving reflections “on stage” transform into glow-in-the-dark video and film images, which eventually quiet down into photographic memories. Combine your visit with other Art Rotterdam Week “side” locations within walking distance, such as the Stedelijk Museum Schiedam, KunstWerkt and the Ketelfactory," writes art center OpenArtExchange. You can read more about Art Rotterdam here.

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