Benigno Mangovo

Painter | Angola

Mangovo paints his surrealist lizard-type figures with strong lines in ton-sur-ton colour schemes. His dissected images, built up from repeated patterns, combine a rational distance with a remarkable touch of melancholy and vulnerability. ⁠⠀

“My art is mostly a metaphorical exploration of diverse aspects of the human experience, such as relationships, personal inner struggles, fear, death, love, hate, loneliness, past memories and dreams. “⁠⠀



Benigno Mangovo was born in Cabinda, on September 12th, 1993. He has been drawing since childhood. In 2017, he joined the Mawete painting and drawing studio.

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He explores introspective themes, themes linked to the human experience and dreams. He is inspired by some Angolan artists, like Patrício Mawete, Cristiano Mangovo, António Ole, Francisco Van-Dúnem, and also by some international artists, like Keith Haring and Henri Matisse.


Solo exhibitions

Group exhibitions


Africa Now, Open Art Exchange, Schiedam, The Netherlands

7th Collective painting exhibition, Avennida, Luanda, Angola


Experimental, ESCOM, Luanda , Angola 

OPEN SPACE Expo, Madrid, Spain

OPEN SPACE Expo, Paris, France

5th Collective painting exhibition, Avennida, Luanda, Angola