Artnet’s Africa Present auction

We are excited to announce that we are participating in the Africa Present online auction of Artnet, which is now live through 29 April, 2021. In partnership with Serge Tiroche, Artnet’s dynamic new initiative Africa Present marks the start of a long-term investment into the Contemporary African Art market. ⁠⁠⁠⁠

We offer in the Support section quite interesting works from well established artists Steve Bandoma (DR Congo) and Cristiano Mangovo (Portugal/Angola). These works were all created in residence in the Netherlands, which clearly influenced the works.

Apart from the limited availablity of Mangovo’s work and his consist and fast rising prices, the rarely used blue toned color scheme in Les Inseparables (2018, 100×100 cm) and quality of the work makes it a unique gem for any African art collection.

Bandoma’s Crossing Over (Migration series) was nominated as one of the best 10 art works for the Art prize of Strasbourg city at ST-ART Strasbourg (nov 2019) when it came out.We are further thrilled with the selection of Libanga na Kin from emerging talent, Bouvy Enkobo (France/DR Congo).

Explore all lots via this link.