OpenArtExchange is a new international art centre for contemporary visual arts being set up, which focuses on representing and supporting non-Western artists to connect and exchange their work and ideas with the Western world of arts and culture.

OpenArtExchange aims to achieve this by offering various supporting services through its global on-line platform as well as through its off-line OpenArtExchange international art centre in The Netherlands (Rotterdam). In this centre we will combine artist-in-residence facilities, workshop and education facilities, an exposition/performance space including a performance/film podium and art gallery, as well as a grand art cafe. We further aim to stage our artists at international contemporary art fairs, mainly within Northern Europe but, where opportune, also within wider Europe.

We are still looking to further build our artist portfolio. Therefore, we invite interested non-Western artists (eg from Africa, Asia, Middle-East and Asia), who would like to explore working with us, to notify us accordingly. We are looking for the following profile:

Interested candidates can contact us by filling out the registration form below. Our preferred languages are Dutch, English or French, but we also accept registrations in German, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian or Afrikaans.

Registration form

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