The center of gravity of Art Rotterdam is in the Van Nelle factory, where a fair is held. The organization is focusing extra on young art this year.

Art Center Open Art Exchange opens its doors to the dance performance ‘Memory of Light’ at Hoogstraat 85 during Art Rotterdam – the building where previously housed Coster and Pop Up Tv, among others. These days the group presentation ‘Hello 2019’ can be seen in the young art center.

Joke Bakker-Jansen, initiator and owner of Open Art Exchange, is only glad that the art week also visits Schiedam. “There are four locations in Schiedam that take part, all within walking distance of each other.” Ideal for people who want to break out of Rotterdam art theory. Open Art Exchange thinks they have a special program to offer.

‘Memory of Light’ is the premiere of part I, the first ten minutes, of the multidisciplinary art project BOB & I (Between Open Borders and Isolation). This is a collaboration between visual artist Lawrence Kwakye (The Hague), choreographer Fernando Dominguez (Mexico / Rotterdam), dancer and circus artist Xavier Hernandez (Mexico) and dancer Samantha van den Doel (The Hague). The dance performance therefore links visual art and dance. It shows movement between different worlds, which is explored by Kwakye’s glow-in-the-dark collages and objects. These works come to life, move and transform into glow-in-the-dark video and film images, which eventually give way to photographic memories.

The play – the first ten minutes – will be performed twice on Saturday (at twelve and four) and on Sunday (at two o’clock) on the top floor of the Hoogstraat building. The idea is that money is also collected to be able to realize the next ten minutes of the piece – and so on, until the hour-long performance as envisaged by the artists is a fact. “These kinds of projects deserve to be seen and come to fruition,” says Bakker.

Tomorrow, the exhibition Sketchbook can be seen for the first time at Ruimte in Beweging. Sunday at half past four the opening, but in connection with Art Rotterdam already to see the coming afternoons, with work by Karin van As, Gerda Busser, Theo Gootjes, Leo Gootjes, Willem van hest, Nancy Hoogstad, René Maagdenberg, Marijn van der Waa and Tineke Weber. In the exhibition sketchbook artists with different backgrounds show their books and show some works that have emerged from them. “The sketchbook can be a free state, a no man’s land where the draftsman can obey his own laws. Where the Emperor’s clothes are made of tangible materials and where the most beautiful creatures are born “, according to the organizing foundation Kunst Werkt.

In the pictures below: Joke Bakker, the still empty room that is obscured in the weekend becomes the total of Memory of Light, the poster of Het Schetsboek and the Van Nellefabriek.

Bron: Schiedam 24

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