SCHIEDAM – Are you moving, or are you experiencing the world around you mainly as a limiting, oppressive? And what is its identity worth? That is the central theme that the makers want to explore in Memory of Light. The first part of this project was shown at OpenArtExchange.

A person relates to the world around him, so is the guiding idea behind the art project Between Open Borders and Isolations, BOB & I, which has already been elaborated by the makers of Memory of Light. Lawrence Kwakye is the driving force behind this project. With a Ghanaian father and a Hungarian mother, this modern-day Hagenaar is a living example of fading boundaries, decaying firmness in structures of place and time and also of cultures. He mainly experiences the alienation that a person can then fall.

There are more developments that reinforce this alienation: think of technology. Developed and intended to support people, but increasingly it seems that it is the person who serves the technique. In Memory of Light there is a crucifix figure in the set up with a reflective ‘head’; it shows the whole world, but does not seem to have any character. What do you see in the mirror?

And how is time and meeting? If structures disappear, is there more or less opportunity for a relationship? Less oppression perhaps, but also less peace and stability needed to develop and live an individuality. What do you have to offer to the other person, if you live like the mirrored head, full of social media, with the care of everyday life? Is that the invitation to everyone, in 2019: living in the knowledge that we have to deal with the hectic, and the loneliness?

As the commentator’s voice said during Memory of Light: “In the always-to-society in which we live, traditional forces are broken down, which made us sympathize with each other.If we are not forced to dig into each other, the Most of us do not, because that requires vulnerability, and vulnerability can cause pain and condemnation. ” Is it about knowing that our assignment can hurt, but that it is a blow that we have to make? To come out with happiness and together, as the dancers Fernando Dominguez and Xavier Hernandez show …

bron: Schiedam24

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