I am because we are. Back to human is about being human in relation to others in line with the Ubuntu philosophy. View photos, collages, paintings and installations from 30 March to 5 May.

How your humanity is determined and shaped by your relationship with others. By sharing human values through human behavior and seeing this reflected in the eyes of the other. People are very different. They are and need not be the same in everything. But all people are part of a wider community, in which each has its own, valued role and shares the same human dignity and human values. As such, we form the societies in which we live with our interactions.

Back to human: Patrício Mawete (Angola),  Bouvy enkobo (DR Congo), Don Sebas Cassule (Angola),   Lawrence Kwakye (The Hague), Astrid Meijer (Rotterdam / Schiedam)

Opening hours
Thursday through Sunday: 1:00 pm – 6:00 pm.
Closed from 11 to 14 April due to participation in Art Fair Paris.

OpenArtExchange is an international art center that supports and connects non-Western artists with the Western art and culture world, including through active exchange programs with local artists from its temporary location in the Museum Quarter in Schiedam, awaiting a permanent location in the Rotterdam region .
Combine your visit with other locations within walking distance, such as the Stedelijk Museum Schiedam, KunstWerkt and the Ketelfactory.

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