OpenArtExchange works together with OpenExpo in Schiedam for an upcoming art project. Three of our artists will collaborate with three Schiedam artists through the introduction program of OpenExpo. This collaboration and the result can be seen in August and September in the ‘side’ exhibition in Hoogstraat 85 in Schiedam in the Netherlands.

Introduction to OpenArtEchange

OpenArtExchange BV is an international art center founded in 2018 that stimulates and connects contemporary visual artists from non-Western countries (including Africa, South America, Middle East and Asia) with the Western art and culture world. This takes place via the online platform, through participation in international art fairs and through the OpenArtExchange center. Particularly through our center, we want to introduce our artists and collaborate with (local) Western artists, curators and critics with the aim of achieving mutual renewal of ideas about art, society and leadership in all openness. In anticipation of a permanent location in Schiedam, we will start art projects at pop-up locations. More information about OpenArtExchange and the launch of its activities can be found on our temporary website

Cooperation OpenExpo / OpenArtExchange

We are happy to work with OpenExpo in Schiedam for the upcoming art project. The idea is to connect 3 of our artists via the introduction program of OpenExpo to a Schiedam artist. We want these three couples to work together for a few weeks prior to OpenExpo and to make a joint ‘side’ exhibition with them in Hoogstraat 85. We are very pleased that the municipality of Schiedam supports this project through this space of approximately 200 m2 during to make the months of August and September freely available. To support the participating artists as much as possible, we want to connect the following activities:

We have selected three artists for this project, who already have an international track record and / or won prizes and who would like to cooperate. These are:

  Kingsley Ogwara (Nigeria / Luxembourg),

  Mumpasi Meso (Angola) and

  Bouvy Enkobo (DR Congo).

We hope that there are a lot of artists from Schiedam who want to go this adventure with us and want to adopt one of these artists as a introduce. If you are interested in joining this project, please register at or stating your motivation, if relevant your preference for an artist and your contact details. Depending on the number of entries, we will select the best three candidates from this. For further questions you can also go here.​